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May Meet-ups by seoulveggieclub
April 30, 2007, 5:20 am
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As suggested on this thread at Dave’s ESL Cafe, the Seoul Veggie Club will try to meet on the first Sunday and the third Saturday of every month.

Rteacher said:

“I suggest that we meet next at SM Ching hai buffet because several newcomers asked about where they can get vegetarian hot dogs/turkey, non-alcoholic malt liquor, etc., and that place is hard to find the first time without help…”

Here’s a link to those who are curious about the restaurant and how to get there:

The first Sunday in May falls on the 6th, and the third Saturday would be the 19th.

See you then!


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Well, I see that “Kermo” has set things up nicely – it would be great if a lot of members actually took a minute to register here to participate more actively (or else just check here occasionally and show up at events that fit your schedule…)

Anyway, since the SM Ching hai gathering this Sunday was my idea I’ll try to make it easier by posting stuff not found at the other links.

Their business hours are 12 noon till 2:30 and 6:00 till 9pm. Because it’s a buffet, it’s usually best to get there earlier rather than later …

Their outdoor tables are nice (depending on the weather, of course…)

Someone suggested an early dinner (at 4…) but they’re not open then – so I think we should decide between meeting at around 12 noon or at around 6pm.

The bus stop referred to in the Galbijim link is actually right in front of a Nike store – and it’s a little tricky getting the right bus for first-timers… So, I can be at Yanjiae Station exit 5 about 15 minutes before whatever time we decide on…

Regarding the price – the normal price is 13,000 won per person (all you can eat from extensive buffet…) but they also have a “stamp” card system that offers a free meal after every ten stamps – and I have over 20 stamps that I haven’t cashed in yet (on three different cards…)

So, if people pay me a flat 10,000 won I could pay for the meals – and get the stamp credits (I think that’s a 23% discount…)

I personally think that lunch would be the better time, but dinner would be OK too… I’ll wait for “Kermo” (aka Amy) to give her decision based on responses she gets – and possibly other factors …

Comment by ronteacher

Ron, do you know exactly which buses go near the restaurant?

Comment by Hater Depot

I used to know before they changed their system of numbering buses. All the buses at the stop closest to the Nike store go there (but one of them takes a round-about route…) I know that the 4430 bus goes there for sure.

Basically they just have to go to the main intersection (a couple blocks away) and take a right. After a couple minutes there’s an extended overpass or “bridge”, and the bus makes a stop right after that near a Paris Baguette. If you look across the street toward the right (but to the left of Papa Johns Pizza…) you can see the diamond-shaped sign for SM Ching hai and a couple outdoor tables …

Comment by ronteacher

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