Seoul Vegetarian Club

Confirmed: May 6th Meet-up by seoulveggieclub
May 2, 2007, 2:46 am
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The Seoul Veggie Club is meeting at SM Ching Hai, a vegan buffet-style restaurant, on Sunday May 6th, at 1:00 pm.

 Directions and more information are here:

 Note that you can also buy some interesting vegetarian products here so bring a little extra cash if you want to stock up on meat substitutes, etc.

The price seems to have changed lately, so it could be listed anywhere from 8,000 to 13,000. However, Rteacher has offered to procure a discount and it shouldn’t cost more than 10,000 won.

Please leave a comment here (no registration required) to confirm your attendance.


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I’ll be there, but I’ll need someone to show me where to go from the subway station. Should I try to get there a little early? I’m coming from the Pyeongchon station, about what time should I try to leave?

Comment by Sandra

I’ll be at the Yangiae station (Orange line 342) exit 5, Sunday afternoon from around 12:30 to 12:45, and then will head over to SM Ching hai…

Comment by Ron Jermakian

I’m not sure where Pyeonchon station is – usually figure about 2 minutes per stop (plus a few more minutes for transfers, if necessary…)

Comment by Ron Jermakian

I will be at Yangjae station at 12:45 with a friend in tow, ready for directions. I just recently joined the mailing list so it’ll be my first time attending one of your get-togethers…I look forward to meeting everyone!

Comment by Rosemary Duncan

I find this forum (like everything else…) a little confusing.
If anyone gets lost or needs to contact me, I can be reached at 011-9684-4950 …

Comment by Ron

hm this is cool, i just found out about this seoul vegetarian club lol!

aw, i really wish i could go, my parents probably won’t let me though…probably want me to stay at home and study, plus they hate my vegetarianism haha. i don’t know ANY korean vegetarians other than myself, and it would be cool to meet others! oh well.

hm well i’ll have to visit that restaurant sometime.

Comment by Yuri

i’ll be there! im coming from pyeongchon too.

Comment by i_teach_esl

I’ll be there.

Comment by Elaine

If I’m a few minutes late (I should get to exit 5 at least by 12:45…) it’s because I didn’t realize that KBS Sports is carrying the Oscar de la Hoya – Floyd Mayweather fight starting at 10 AM (and before that I’ve got the Kentucky Derby I’ll be following – plus I have to get my hour of “mantra meditation” in …

If I’m really late, call me at 011-9684-4950 (and I’ll at least let you know who the fight and the Derby …)

Comment by Ron

Count me in. I’ll be at Yangjae 12:45.

Comment by Rasmus

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