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May 7, 2007, 9:26 am
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Thanks to everyone who showed up on Sunday! SM Chinghai’s buffet was lovely, and we enjoyed the sunshine on the patio. I took pictures but I won’t post them unless everyone is able to give permission.

By the way, I’m sorry the restaurant was so hard to find. The wiki site has been updated with our ideas to help you get there more easily (thanks Nathan the Minion!)

Our next meeting is on the third Saturday of the month, May 19th. Weather permitting, this will be an outdoor event, held at 4:00 pm in the afternoon. The venue hasn’t been chosen yet, but suggestions are welcome. Does anyone have any ideas? Any votes of support for Yongsan Park?

In the past, Ron has done all the shopping and hauled it to the park, then cooked it for us. I’d like to try something different, and organize a more pot-luck approach. I know not all members live in Seoul, and so I would encourage them to just grab some water, cola or fresh fruit on their way in.

How do y’all feel about this? Do you need recipe suggestions?

By the way, this site is very new, and is expanding to include more links to resources for vegetarians in Korea. If you have any ideas for the site, please go ahead and leave a comment. Thanks!


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Yes! I have updated the SM Ching Hai directions for further clarity. I posted up a specific bus number and better directions. Please check it out and modify if you feel it’s unclear. This restaurant is too good to not be found!

oh.. and kudos on the new layout. Grass is delicious.

Comment by Nathan

Actually, I noticed a small park-like area near SM Ching hai which might not be a bad spot – especially if there’s threat of rain…

I’ll try to check it out tomorrow…

Comment by Ron

“Kermo” has the right idea, I think, and Yongsan Park sounds like a good place.

I like to cook and shop (and have experience cooking for large gatherings…) but logistically it’s a strain on me in terms of time (since I live a couple hours away from Seoul) and it’s hard for me to carry a lot of stuff on buses and subways…

Last time we had a picnic, I was able to get to Seoul early enough on Friday night to do most of the shopping, and I stayed at a hotel efficiency where I was able to do some cooking Saturday morning. That depends on my being able to leave my school a couple hours earlier than I’m supposed to (and sooner or later I’ll run out of good excuses …)

I realize that it may be very difficult for newcomers to even find their way around on the subway system – let alone shop for stuff or make decent preps. But members – and others who know their way around – should volunteer to provide one of the following:

plates, cups, forks, napkins (or paper towels) – last time we had close to 20 people so there should be enough for at least 25, I think…

whole grain bread – probably 3 large loaves (can be gotten either at Hannam supermarket or the Lotte supermarket at Seoul station – Paris Baggette has small loaves of multigrain or rye but not as good a deal…)

beverages – maybe two volunteers – one to get beer (though most members don’t appear to be big drinkers) and another to get soft drinks, including a couple (2 liter) bottles of water (ideally SamDaSoo…)

dessert(s) of some sort (some members – like me – don’t eat eggs so be aware of what ingredients are in items – like a pie or brownies – and please inform us if there are eggs – or egg whites…

When in season, watermelons are always a great picnic item…

(I guess strict vegans need to be notified of any milk products, including yogurt, but as yet we don’t seem to have any really strict vegans among members…)

salad(s)/salad dressing(s)

any entree or side dish that you’re good at (no meat or fish – and preferably no eggs…) that is basically pre-cooked (and can be easily reheated in a pan if necessary…) maybe pasta salad?

Ideally, we should get a charcoal grill (and charcoal…) Otherwise, we’ll just go with the propane burner donated by former President “Hater Depot” (and presently being kept by forum and veggie club member, “Oni” …) If anyone can take charge of getting (and keeping) a charcoal grill, it would be a big plus …

At this time, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to make, but I’ll try to do at least one or two main preps (enough for at least 20 people…)

Comment by Ron

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