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May 19th Picnic at Yongsan Park– 4:00 pm by seoulveggieclub
May 15, 2007, 7:05 am
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I scoped out the park this weekend to find a suitable spot, and found it quite charming. Here are a few tips for finding where we’ll meet, and where we’ll picnic:

At Ichon (이촌 ) station, go out Exit 2. For some reason, it’s not very well-marked. Just follow the signs for Exit 1, and Exit 2 is next to it. You’ll find yourself walking toward the National Museum of Korea. Yongsan Park is right next to it.

There’s lots to explore and enjoy in the park, like a waterfall, gardens, a lake (with ducks!) and a grassy meadow for kicking a ball or just lolling on the grass. I picked a spot that offers some grass, some concrete to sit on, and a bit of privacy. I suggest that we make some forays into the rest of the park while the food is being assembled/prepared, and/or after we’ve eaten, to get the most out of this pretty little spot.

To get there, approach the National Museum and walk to the right around the “reflecting pond.” Keep going toward the “Reflecting Pond Cafe” until you see this path:

The first time I walked through here, there was a family picnicking on the grass, and though it looks quiet solemn, it’s not a shrine or anything. It’s just a groovy little niche.

Here’s a list of what people have offered to bring so far (I’ll update this as the week goes on):

maeil: salad (cheese on the side), and apple crisp!

oni: hummus and pita (and propane stove)

Rteacher: vegan main dish, and possibly something cheesy

kermo: homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Cole: potato salad

Susie : pasta salad (vegan)

Kenneth: beverages

RobertX: (maybe) bread

Rachel: carrots, celery and peanut butter

Current confirmed headcount: 20

maeil, oni, Rteacher, kermo + 2, Rachel, Fiona and Juliet, Bob, hcn207, trubadour, Cole +1, Susie +1, Kenneth, Oscar, texaspete, Natanya

Maybe: 1



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What time is it?

Comment by Gwendolyn

I’d like to bring a vegan main dish.

Comment by Gwendolyn

It’s at 4:00. I’ve updated the list of dishes too. Thanks Gwendolyn!

Comment by seoulveggieclub

If people plan to come without bringing a food item (or cups/plates, etc…) they should still indicate that they’ll be coming by posting or emailing Amy (“Kermo”)so we’ll know about how many are gonna show up and what essential items will need to be gotten.

Weather-wise, the long-range forecast doesn’t seem bad, but the weather pattern lately has been rain coming in the late afternoon – which is another reason that I’m leary of the 4pm time – I think that lunch-time would have be a safer bet this time of year (before the hot weather and real rainy season comes…)

So, Ichon station is on line 4 (the light-blue line) one stop away from the Yongsan station on the dark blue line (line 1)

In case of rain, it would be a shame to have to go to a restaurant after food items have been made and transported, but I think that I know a back-up spot – 5 stops to the south (on line 4…)

At the Seoul Racecourse Park, they have a covered outdoor area near a snack bar/outdoor cafe – which is busy during lunch time, but should have a lot of empty tables by that late in the afternoon. It’s also a nice setting with a man-made waterfall nearby. (I was also gonna suggest an uncovered spot nearby if the weather was good – of course, I’d conveniently slip away and go into the racecourse grandstand to bet on a a couple horses…)

Comment by Ron

Is there a running count going of how many people will be coming? It would be nice to know how big of a salad and how many batches of apple crisp to prepare. :)

The forecast for Saturday has changed and now it does look like rain.. when do you guys think the final place should be decided?

Comment by Jade (Maeil)

Ok, Jade, I’ve added a running confirmed headcount to the post, and I think we’ll go with Ron’s wisdom in case of rain. The BBC website forecasts “sunny intervals” at the moment though, so keep your fingers crossed.
See you there!

Comment by seoulveggieclub

You can count me and a friend to come. I’ll bring some potato side dish. I might be able to bring some drinks also.

Comment by Cole

I will be coming with 1 friend, and I’ll bring a pasta salad that will be vegan-friendly. See you all soon!

Comment by Susie

I am coming and Oscar is coming too. Do you need someone to bring beverages? We could do that. Any requests?

Comment by Kenneth

Well, I unexpectedly had the day off today so I took the bus ride into Seoul and managed to get a bunch of veggie dogs and and faux meat stuff that tastes like chicken.

My second prep, though, is gonna be another pasta salad (with chick peas) because I hadn’t seen Susie’s post before I went shopping… I’ll also keep it vegan – and just have Parmesan cheese as an add-on. And, maybe some guacamole with tortilla chips…

I guess I’ll take care of getting bread, plates, cups, forks…

As far as beverages, I don’t really know what to suggest – but I’ll need at least a 2 liter bottle of water (preferably SamDaSoo)

It might be a good thing that we have mostly items that don’t need to be cooked. I can pre-cook my veggie dogs and marinated tofu chicken stuff at my “residence” hotel Saturday (and the place also has a “rooftop garden”, but there’s not much shelter from rain …)

Comment by Ron

Hi- I’m sick so I’m not going to make it. Hope you guys have a good time.

Comment by Gwendolyn

I’d like to come tomorrow…Do I have to bring something home-made?I could bring some carrots and celery if I make it (with peanut butter). What subway line is Ichon (이촌 ) ?

Comment by Rachel

by the way, nice website! :)

Comment by Rachel

Gwendolyn, sorry to hear you’re not well, and hope to meet you next time. Rachel, thanks for the encouragement and for participating in this site! See you tomorrow! P.S. Ichon Station is on Line 4, I believe.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

Given the weather forecast tomorrow (looking iffy), is the plan still to meet in the park? I’m thinking that if things are unpredictable, it might be better to meet in the station and have everyone decide what we should do from there. What do you guys think?

Comment by Jade

I’d like to come. I’m new in Seoul and have been looking for a veggie group.
I don’t know if I’ll get there right on time, but I’ll bring a veggie stirfry.

Comment by Natanya

Fiona, can you make sure to bring the propane stove? I won’t be able to use the grill at the park. Thanks!

Comment by seoulveggieclub

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