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May 29, 2007, 10:57 am
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After posting about this restaurant on Dave’s ESL Cafe, several people said that the quality at Ever Green has declined. I’m not pleased to hear this, but there’s still time to switch the venue.

How about Wazwan (also in Itaewon)?

It’s a little harder to get to, but I’ve always been very pleased with the food there. It’s Kashmiri in style. The menu isn’t all vegetarian, but from what I gather, there aren’t any totally vegetarian Indian/Nepali/Pakistani restaurants in Seoul. Pity. (If any of you have come across as a Hindu-run restaurant, could you let me know?)

Here’s the link to the official website, which includes a menu, prices and photos:

If I get the nod from you guys, I’ll go ahead and mail out a change in venue. Thanks!


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Unfortunately, I cannot join at that date, but I’ve been to Wazwan a couple of times and I do recommend it. Don’t forget to order Samosas!

Comment by Rasmus

Since “Kermo”/Amy/”El Presidente” has been to Wazwan before, I think she should find out if they’re willing to make a standard vegetarian “tali” – with maybe some options – for a set price for veggie club members – if they want our business (I only see prices for a couple different meat dinner sets…)

If they want more than 20,000 won, I’d reconsider the Ashoka (which at least has big tables that can be put together and is very easy to get to…)

Comment by ronteacher

So where are we meeting?

Comment by zaida

I’l be in front of the KB bank right near Itaewan station (line 6) exit 4 (I think…) between 12:45 and 1pm. I’ll be wearing a dark green, short-sleeve “Polo” shirt…

If anyone shows up late and bewildered, just ask for directions to the Mosque, and the Wazwan is just past it on the left…

Comment by Ron

When I went to New York last year I found a brochure in a veg restaurant with an address and description of every other veg place in Manhatten. I made it my priority for the time to go to all of them. In each one, I found a stack of the same brochures.

This is a wonderful system. Each restaurant advertises for all the others. I you can find one, you will find the rest.

Then again, Manhatten has an easy address system.

In Seoul, the address is in order of construction and the road doesn’t matter, just the dong or area. So… If you live at Dae-chi dong 72, you live in the 72nd building built in that area. It is maddening. Just insane. I cannot figure it out. If you want to go somewhere, you must consult the map which is on a bulletin board nearby… if you can find the bulletin board.

I think this is very useful and just the kind of thing an veg group could pull off without much effort. I don’t have a printer, but if anybody wants to do it, I would donate some time and money to the project. Then we can go to Kinko’s, print, and fold up the papers. We would need permission from each place in advance though, I guess.

If it was printed in English, it could be very helpful to foreigners who have not been here long.

It would also be a great way to advertise for this club.

Just a thought.

Comment by Daron

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