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The Beet Rolls On by seoulveggieclub
June 4, 2007, 12:24 am
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It’s a pun. A veggie pun. Oof.

Anyway, the lunch at Wazwan was terrific. We had a dozen people merrily handing dishes around, exclaiming over the gorgeous garlic naan and creamy palak paneer. It was quite workable for the vegans too, except that the cook kept pouring cream over the top of otherwise acceptable dishes.

I had been planning on making our 1st meeting of the month on Sundays, but I got mixed up. Sorry about that.

As per the schedule, the next meet-up will be on the 3rd Saturday of the month, and we’ll have a picnic.

I’m trying to get some feedback re: location and time on this thread on Dave’s.

Please feel free to contribute either here or there. Thanks!

LOCATION CONFIRMED: Yongsan Park, same as last month. Ichon Station, Exit 2. June 16th, 4:00

Can’t wait!


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Kermo, you’re a sweetie. I just neededto say that, that’s all.

Comment by The Bobster

Are there going to be any Sunday meetings, I can’t come on Saturdays???

Comment by Elaine

Sorry, Elaine– we were supposed to have a Sunday meeting on the first Sunday of every month, but I mixed up and had it on Saturday instead. Our next meeting will be on a Sunday.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

Yongsan Park is a really nice place (and there’s always the chance of finding a golf ball left over from its days as a golf course for American military personel…)

I’m short on cash, but I’ve still got a BC Card so I’ll bring plenty of vegan faux meat stuff and flour tortillas.

(I may also make some homemade brown rice-based veggie burgers held together with some mozzerella cheese for non-vegans…)

I was also thinking of making a (vegan) Mediteranean potato salad – unless someone else wants to do one (enough for at least 15 people…)

I don’t think we can legally cook-out at Yongsan (or most any) park, but we could take a chance – since we got away with it at Seoul Forest park (it’s up to Kermo…)

Although there are places to sit other than the ground, some hearty souls preferred sitting on the ground last time we were at Yongsan Park so it would be nice if someone volunteered to bring a tarp or blanket to sit on…

Also, some beverages (including some bottled water) and anything else anyone could manage to bring (like corn on the cob or watermelon or chips or salad or hummus or anything you’re good at making – or buying…)

Comment by Ron

This may be a silly question, but the third Saturday of the month is THIS saturday (June 16) right?

Comment by Rachel

Yeah – UB right. There are five Saturdays this month (2-9-16-23-30…)

(I’m gonna buy a Lotto ticket with those numbers…)

I was thinking it might be nice if someone could bring a CD Player/radio for some western background music (that doesn’t suck…)

I don’t have much of a selection with me in Korea, but I have George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”, “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits”, “Best of Supertramp”, “Super Session” (classic blues-rock) and a Ravi Shankar CD mixing Indian ragas with western classical music (I realize that much of that was made before some of you were born – Ravi Shankar is Nora Jones’ father…)

I may try to get a compact CD player myself, but I’ve never found one portable enough…

Comment by ronteacher

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