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Picnic at Yongsan Park- June 16th, 4:00 by seoulveggieclub
June 13, 2007, 4:30 am
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Once again, here’s how to find it:

At Ichon (이촌 ) station, go out Exit 2. For some reason, it’s not very well-marked. Just follow the signs for Exit 1, and Exit 2 is next to it. You’ll find yourself walking toward the National Museum of Korea. Yongsan Park is right next to it.

To get to our picnic spot, approach the National Museum and walk to the right around the “reflecting pond.” Keep going toward the “Reflecting Pond Cafe” until you see a small path veering off to the right, toward a grove with two ancient Buddha statues.

Here’s a list of people who have RSVPed so far, and what they would like to bring (in brackets):

Total confirmed (14) Total Maybe (1)

Anne (veggie Korean food)

Natanya (?)

Amy (bread and cheese)

Ron (vegan Spam patties with tortillas, non-vegan veggie burgers, maybe a potato salad)

Nathan (?)

Jade (peanut noodle dish- vegan)

Jen +2 (veggie lasagne and ?)

Nav +1? (gazpacho?)

Kenneth  (beverages)

Sandra +1

Colleen and Jay (wine)


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Hey, I’ll be in for some peanut-saucy rice noodle stir fry. It’ll be vegan, but really not good for anyone with an allergy.

Looking forward to it!

Comment by Jade

I’ll bring faux ham (or spam) patties (vegan) with flour tortillas (vegan) and some homemade veggie burgers (non-vegan because of mozzarella cheese…)

If no one else wants to make some, I’ll do a Mediterranean potato salad (vegan)

(Remember that we also need people to bring some non-food items and beverages…)

Comment by ronteacher

Ok, Ron, sounds great. Just take it easy– remember last time we had more food than we knew what to do with. Don’t strain yourself financially or physically. I’ve put the beverages and non-food items in the RSVP email, not to worry.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

Hi. I’ll be coming to the picnic with my husband and a friend. We are all new to the Veggie Club. We will bring vegetarian lasagne and maybe something else that hasn’t been decided yet. Looking forward to it ~Jen

Comment by Jen

ok, i think i’m in. um, beverages? was last time ok, or are there any suggestions for something else?

Comment by kenneth

I went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds for yet another cold, so I’m hoping to make it but not for sure. Since I can’t definitely rsvp, if I can make it I’ll be donating to Ron’s fund instead of bringing something. Hopefully I’ll be there tomorrow, with a friend in tow!

Comment by Sandra

I came across this website with the help of a lady with whom I happened to share the table in one of a fe vegetarian restaurants in Seoul.(And shes is a vegan too.)

I am a koraen national, and my name is Cathy(korean name is Bori) and I am currently practicing veganism.

I would love it very much if you could include me in your mailing list and invite me to one of your yummy picnics, as I guess I have a lot to offer when it comes to korean vegan dishes. :)

It is unfortunately too late to see this posting but I would love to participate next time as I am interested to get to know other vegetarians living in Seoul.



Comment by Cathy

Great event! Thanks.

Comment by Eileen

Hi Bori (Cathy),

I just saw your comment and I’m sorry I didn’t let you know about the picnic sooner. I decided to go at the last minute … but hopefully you can join future veggie events?

Good for you for going vegan,


Comment by Eileen

Can you please add me to your email list. I recently moved to Seoul and I am vegan and would to join your group. My email is betsy73w at hotmail dot com
(edited to protect from spambots)

Comment by Betsy

Hi. My name’s Guy. I just recently moved to Seoul about 2 weeks ago and someone told me about your club. I’ve been vegetarian for 9 years and its good to find nice places to eat.
Could you add me to your e-mail list
My e-mail is guyherring80 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Comment by Guy Herring

Me too! Sorry to follow the trend, but I just recently moved to Seoul and am having a hard time feeling healthy while eating vegetarian…although i must admit i have been very lazy! Could you please add me to your email list. thanks! also does anyone know of a place to find veggie burgers?

Comment by Jenn

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