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….aaaaand we’re back. by seoulveggieclub
August 6, 2007, 11:06 am
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The next meeting of the Seoul Vegetarian Club will be on the third Saturday of this month.  It’s been a nice summer break but it’s about time I got back into the swing of things.

Any suggestions?


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no suggestion but I want to join you, I am new here.

Comment by Juanita B

I am not sure of the name of the restaurant (it is all in Korean), but it is in Insadong, it is new. Dishes are around 8000 each and they sell soy meat products too. If this sounds good, I can get one of the Korean teachers to call for us. She has the business card. I will be coming so I can take everyone there.
The meals at this place is mostly vegan and very yummy!!!

Comment by Elaine

There restaurant in Insadong called Sosim. It’s one of my favorites. I’d love to go. It’s Buddhist food.
It’s at the beginning of the pedestrian zone near Anguk station.
I’d be happy to go anywhere veg, though.

Comment by Natanya

No this one is a little further down than that one. It is more in the middle.

Comment by Elaine

Hi, I’m a long-time vegan and just got here. I wanted to join in but wanted to know some basics about the group; like how many people are there, how long has the group been around and what is the demographic?

Comment by Sabrina

Sabrina, it really depends on the week. There’s a mix of vegan/vegetarian/people who just like hanging out with vegetarians. There are just-out-of-college kids and others who are longer in the tooth and snowier on top. The number of people ranges from about 4 – 25, depending on what we’re doing and when. The group has been around for a couple years under different prezzes.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

Hello, my name is Matt and I’ve only been here a couple of months. I’d love to come this Saturday, but I’m hoping we can do a lunchtime thing since I’ve got some plans for Sat. night. Insadong is nice and close but I’ll go anywhere!

Comment by Matt

hi, my name is marielle and i moved here recently as well. it would be great to meet other vegans and vegetarians. i’m up for anything, preferably something cheaper than ashoka thought.

Comment by marielle

Hi, my name is Minh and I just also moved here. I am interested in your club. How do I go about joining you all?

Comment by Minh

It’s not hard to join– just keep an eye on this website and show up!
I’ll make sure you’re on the email reminder list for next time, too.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

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