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September 6, 2007, 1:55 pm
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By the way, if you are into Facebook, I’ve created a “group” that complements the website, and it might help you network with other vegetarians in Seoul. Enjoy!

It’s called, not surprisingly, “Seoul Veggie Club.”


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I may (reluctantly) join the facebook site, but it seems like the club has given up altogether on the ESL Cafe site which reaches many prospective teachers even before they come to Korea.

Although the original veggie club members were attracted by an ad in one of the now defunct magazines geared to expats, some members – including me – were made from the Dave’s site.

I always make some posts to keep veggie club threads alive, but I think it’s up to the club president to at least make the opening post…

Comment by Ron

I just made a post, Ron, and then saw this.
Yeah, you’re right– I’ve made sure that
we’ve got an ad in an expat magazine, that
this site is updated, that the email list
is updated and that facebook is updated, but
I did forget about good ol’ Dave’s.

There’s no need to join Facebook if you don’t
want to. I was actually gearing that group
to people who already use the site, as sometimes
they like to centralize all their planning there.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

How can I join the email list? My partner and I just arrived in Seoul and are living in Junggye area/Nowon-gu. We’d love some suggestions for (any?) veggie friendly restaurants in the area (we can go to Itaewon but it is a bit of a haul…). Also hoping to meet up with you veggie club members at your next meeting and sorry that we missed the dinner party! Thanks for your help!

Comment by Sam K

Hi Sam!
I’ll put you on the mailing list. We’re working on the site right now, and hopefully you should be able to find links through us in the future, but in the meantime, Galbijim has a page on vegetarianism and there’s another website mentioned recently on this site that’s useful as well… we’ve just got to make those links easier to find. Until then, good luck!

Comment by seoulveggieclub


I am a vegetarian who moved to Korea two months ago, and thought I might be about the only one here until I happened upon your web page! I’d be interested in meeting up if there are any sort of group meetings or meals out coming up in Seoul- I’m down in Incheon but we’re on the Seoul subway line and I go into town most weekends at some point. Would also like to be able to join the mailing list if that’s ok



Comment by Ian

I’d like to be put on the email list too please!

Comment by Cara

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