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Dinner Party! by seoulveggieclub
September 10, 2007, 7:41 am
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The bad news: Salem buffet, which was to be our next meeting place, is closed on Saturdays.

The good news: Betsy is hosting us for a dinner party! This should be great as there will be room to mingle, circulate and just hang out! Thanks Betsy!

The date is still Saturday, Sept. 15th. Let’s try to start around 6:00 pm so people who live far away can catch the last bus/train home. If you can, please bring a vegetarian appetizer, main dish, salad, dessert, or just a beverage like juice, pop, wine or booze. If you can’t, that’s okay too.

Here are Betsy’s instructions. They look a little scary to me, so if you want, you can meet me at the Hyatt at 5:50, and we can try to find it together. If you need to call me, I’m at 010-4561-1735.


My address on my lease reads 260-259, Itaewon Dong, #37 Gray House

Okay I suck at giving directions but if you can get to the Hyatt then worst case scenario is my house is 10 mins (if that) walking from there.

Okay if at the Hyatt, go to the main intersection and then turn left and go down the hill and you will pass Namsan Gym (most taxi drivers know this place) and the Philips bldg on your left .. soon after the Philips bldg you will see a bunch of cone things in the middle of the road and as soon as the end you will make a left on that street. On that very corner is a bldg called Aimin (not sure what it is but it seems french) and you will go left down that street and at almost the end of that street on the right is my bldg which is #37 Gray House. The doors are open (they just look locked) and I live on the 2nd Floor.


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Uh – How does one get to the Hyatt exactly? (though I’m not sure if I can make it this week due to prior lack of committments…)

Comment by Ron

I dunno, Ron, but I’m just going to hike
up there (it’s visible from Hannam foreign
grocery) or ask a taxi driver to get me there.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

what metro station you should get off? itaewon? which exit one needs to take to get to Hyatt?

Comment by monika

How can I join your club??? I couldn’t fine on Facebook….

Comment by Tee

Thanks, Betsy for hosting this event. It was a very nice evening!

Comment by Natanya

I think if you’re looking for the group on Facebook, you should be able to search for “Seoul Veggie Club” in the South Korea network, and you’ll see it!

Comment by seoulveggieclub

That was an awesome evening! Sorry I couldn’t stay for all of it, but I’m still dreaming about all the food. :)

Comment by John

Thanks to everyone who helped me find the place. Nice event. :)

Comment by Eileen


I’m coming to Suwon on business for 2 weeks and can’t find a single place that makes vegetarian food (and I was born vegetarian, if you know what I mean). I would be really, really greatful if you guys could please send me addresses/telephone numbers of any places in Suwon that you may know.

San Diego, CA

Comment by Aravind

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