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Next veggie club meeting- October 7th by seoulveggieclub
October 2, 2007, 5:39 am
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The restaurant website is

The prices are very reasonable and I’ve heard good things about the place. It’s a bit far away from the city centre, but I reckon it’s worth the trip! See you there!

My friend translated the directions on the website:

>>The station name is “Jeong-ja station”

It on Yellow line(Bun-dang line). It’s different with orange line(line3)

From Seoul, you have to transfer from Orange to Yellow in “Dogok station” or “su-seo station”

According to my cell phone, It takes about 51 minutes from “Seoul national university of Education station” to the “Jeong-ja station” (the near the restaurant)

So far, so good? (hee hee ^_^)

And now, here is the way to the restaurant from “Jeong-ja station”.

I made these explanation with the map on the website. (I’m not sure but I hope it helps you)

1. Come out to Exit number 4.

2. Go straight and turn left at the corner.

3. Go straight 1 block and turn right at the corner.

4. Go straight 1.5 block again.

5. You can find the “Polaris building” on your right.

The restaurant is on the third floor of this building.

And you can see the “shin-han bank” on the first floor of the building.


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What time are you meeting? I’ve been a couple times but I’m not in the list, so can you add me? I’m going to try to make it Sunday.

Comment by jennifer

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