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Dinner… at Petras! by seoulveggieclub
October 9, 2007, 8:53 am
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The third Saturday of the month is October 20th (just drilling it into your heads so you can mark your calendars.)

It’s been suggested that we meet in the evening so night-owls can get their beauty rest on the weekend. I suggest we meet at 6:00 pm to have dinner somewhere.

Ok, based on feedback here and on Dave’s, let’s have dinner at Petras.

Here are some directions that might work for you:

Subway Directions: From Noksapyeong Station, take the elevator and go up the stairs of the pedestrian overpass. You will see Petra about 50 meters to the right after crossing the street.

If you’re in Itaewon, you can walk to Petra’s. Walk toward Noksapyeong Station (toward McDonald’s and Star Market, etc.,) on the right side of the street. Follow the lane up the hill and around to the right. You’ll see Petra’s on your right when you’ve reached the top of the hill. The door is up the stairs on the left-hand side of the restaurant.

If this doesn’t make sense, you can call the restaurant:  790-4433 for more help.


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I’d be up for Itaewon. So I’m a bit biased cause I live near there! Petra’s is good or a mexican place
or Thai Orchid??????

Comment by Fiona

I’ll probably show up, but I’m a little concerned about their menu. I recall going there to check the place out a couple years ago (when it first opened…) and the staff told me that they didn’t have any dinner courses completely free of meat, fish, or eggs – so I left.

If Fiona says it’s good now, though, it must be OK – since she’s a vegan.

Another Itaewon place with tasty Middle-Eastern food is Ali-Babas (but their portions are small…)

Comment by Ron

I’ll get in touch with them to check out the possibilities.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

do we have to RSVP for this? if so, count me in please!

Comment by Ingrid

RSVPs are always appreciated, if only so I know how big of a table to ask for.

Comment by seoulveggieclub

I am interested in joining the club, attending dinners.. I am vegetarian and have moved here barely 2 weeks ago and am having a hard time finding good food.. Although I ate at an Indian place near Dungdaemun on Sunday and it was the best I’d ever had… I’m going to be in Itaewon on Saturday, I’d love to stop by. I may have a friend or two…

Comment by katey barnard

Yeah, I’m definitely coming and bringing two, possibly three. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Rev. Brian

Comment by Rev Brian

Hey, I’m not a member but I wanted to let you know my personal opinion is the Petra is just not that good. The hummus, baba ganoush and falafel is much more spectacular at a small little place called Pharaoh’s. It is in Itaewon, across the way from Club Queen, which is located on the hill that runs parallel to “Hooker Hill.” It’s the hill just before What The Book?

Comment by Faizal Deen Forrester

I’ll probably show up (and I take up a lot of space) but if they don’t have any dinners free of meat, fish, and eggs I may start knocking tables over and stuff …

Comment by Ron

I’ll most likely be there. See you guys tonight.

Comment by littlelisa

I’ll be coming with a friend or two!

Comment by sUSIE wIGOWSKY

Thanks, Faizal, for your comment. I know that Pharaoh’s is tremendous, but there aren’t even chairs to accomodate this group. Even at Petra, they had trouble with our group of almost 2 dozen people!

Comment by seoulveggieclub

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