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Potlucks come to those that wait… by seoulveggieclub
February 13, 2008, 1:49 pm
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…but sadly, not all of us can wait. Unfortunately, the potluck has been postponed. The venue became unavailable, and because the dinner was scheduled on the same night as the Bjork concert, alternatives were not forthcoming. However, there is another great venue waiting for us to choose another night, and we shall do so.

On the night of the potluck, we were hoping to collect some money on behalf of Animal Welfare Korea. I know we’re the *veggie* club, and not the animal welfare club, but often our interests overlap, so Ron and I wanted to let you know about a shelter in Daejeon which been given a deadline (February 29th) by the Daejeon City Council, after which the current group of dogs must be destroyed.

Because our next meeting is beyond the deadline, I wanted to give people a chance to offer help, so I’m going to send out the bank transfer details for those wishing to assist. Tim also sent a bunch of youtube to help people find out more about what they do.

Please check out the links and consider giving this shelter some aid in their fine work.

We are applying to Daejeon council this week for an extension to the 29 Feb deadline, if we receive that then it won’t be too late to do some fundraising at your following Veggie Club dinner. Fingers crossed council are amenable to the request (which, I imagine, will depend upon whether they are satisfied with the rate at which the number of dogs is falling…)  I have no idea what our chances are re this, we will just have to wait and see.
In addition to the information Annie has already relayed to you there are some videos you can access too (and send to Amy), links are below. The first is the shelter in June last year, the second was taken a few weeks ago and the third was also taken a few weeks ago by a local Daejeon internet news agency.
In relation to donations, my personal opinion is that it is better for people to donate directly to Dr Lee’s clinic in Daejeon (the Royal Animal Clinic) which does most of the vet work for the rescue dogs from the shelter. That way people can have a greater degree of confidence that their money is going directly toward assisting the dogs. You can also call Dr Lee’s fiancee Hyunjoo on 011 805 4433 and she can confirm the arrangements and the work that has been done by the clinic for the dogs so far. (Dr Lee is also featured in the third video above). If you have friends who can speak Korean they can also call Dr Lee directly at the clinic on 042 476 7585 or his mobile 017 655 8720
Dr Lee’s account details are:
Kookmin Bank
Acc  No     501 21 1081 713
Acc Name Lee Gi Sung

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Although this won’t be an official veggie club event, I’m gonna meet with Tim – the main organizer of Animal Rescue Korea – and a couple other volunteers from that group this Sunday, Feb. 17 at the Ashoka Indian restaurant in Itaewon (Hamilton Hotel) at 12:30 pm.

Anyone interested in adopting a dog or in donating towards their maintenance and vet care – is welcome to join us for lunch this Sunday.

Comment by Ron

Volunteers from Animal Rescue Korea are holding a benefit at Rocky Mountain Tavern on Friday night, Feb. 22 in Itaewon.

There will be live music and a comedy improv group performing after 9pm.

Before then, I plan to eat at nearby Thai Orchid (where there have a good vegetarian menu) and any veggie club members are welcome to join me…

More info can be found here:

Comment by Ron

Hello, I am a journalist in Seoul working for the JoongAng Daily. I would like to talk to someone from the Veggie Club about 1) dog adoption and the Daejon story and 2) being a vegetarian in Korea. My number is 010 3237 6873. Could you give me a call or email me asap? I see Feb 29 is the deadline for Daejon. Very soon!
Best wishes,
Michael Gibb

Comment by Michael

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