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March Potluck and April Restaurants! by seoulveggieclub
March 3, 2008, 3:40 am
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I’m pretty excited about these next three meetings. Some old favourites and a promising new one!

March 22nd, 6 pm (I know, this isn’t the 3rd Saturday, but that’s ok. Change is good.) A fabulous potluck at Betsy’s. Her apartment is just luscious, and roomy enough to accommodate a whole pile of us.

Please bring something with you to share. Vegetarian or vegan homemade dishes, fresh fruit or veggies, wine, pop, bread, whatever. There is an oven and a microwave available if anything needs reheating.

Here are the directions:
On foot:
“If at the Hyatt, go to the main intersection and then turn left and go down the hill and you will pass Namsan Gym (most taxi drivers know this place) and the Philips bldg on your left .. soon after the Philips bldg you will see a bunch of cone things in the middle of the road and as soon as they end you will make a left on that street. On that very corner is a bldg called Aimin (not sure what it is but it seems french) and you will go left down that street and at almost the end of that street on the right is mybldg which is #37 Gray House. The doors are open (just look locked) and I live on the 2nd Floor.

By taxi:
If taking a taxi and they don’t know landmark of Namsan Gym then say Hyatt and soon after the Philips bldg get out of the taxi b/c they dont like to make that illegal left into my place. (3-4 mins walk from Philips bldg to my house)
> > > >
If coming from Itaewon and they know it… they they will come from the other direction and go straight up this big hill at the very top of the hill is a traffic light and go right and then they will take an immediate right onto my street (looks sorta alley like) but you will see Aimin bldg on the corner.

By bus:
The bus from Itaewon is in front of the well-being store (and Rocky Mountain Tavern) and its the 0014 and when you get off of that you will be on opposite side of street (Namsam gym stop right after hyatt stop)… then you might remember walk down the street (away from hyatt) and go to next street (after orange cones end) and turn left… I am #37 Gray House, second floor apt. Also, bus 402 stops at Namsan Gym stop too. This bus comes from places like, city hall, sinsa, gangnam etc…

April 6th- La Salsa Loca (now called Casa Loca, but under same management), at Yeouido, at 1:00 pm
review here:
website here, including menu in Korean and English:

This location is a bit out of the way, but everything I hear about this restaurant says it’s worth the trip. Also, we can hit Yeouido park afterwards and kick a soccer ball/throw a frisbee if the weather is nice.

la salsa loca is located near Yeouido Station, Subway Line No.5, Exit No.4. Go straight up 200 meters, turn left at the first traffic light and keep going straight for another 30 meters. It’ll be on your right on the first floor.

April 19th- Petra’s in Itaewon at 6:30 pm
The last meeting here was a huge success. Too huge actually– they ran out of chairs! I’ll try to reserve a bigger table this time.

Subway Directions: From Noksapyeong Station, take the elevator and go up the stairs of the pedestrian overpass. You will see Petra about 50 meters to the right after crossing the street.

If you’re in Itaewon, you can walk to Petra’s. Walk toward Noksapyeong Station (toward McDonald’s and Star Market, etc.,) on the right side of the street. Follow the lane up the hill and around to the right. You’ll see Petra’s on your right when you’ve reached the top of the hill. The door is up the stairs on the left-hand side of the restaurant.

If this doesn’t make sense, you can call the restaurant: 790-4433 for more help.


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There is more response on the facebook “Seoul Veggie club” group. Since 13 people have confirmed so far, there will probably be over 20 that show up. Directions are a little tricky, though – might be good to have a phone number…

Comment by Ron

The Facebook site lists 6:30 as the starting time for the gathering at Petras – not 5:30.

Comment by Ron


Comment by seoulveggieclub

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