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Spring Schedule! Picnic Rescheduled by seoulveggieclub
April 24, 2008, 7:15 am
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May and June are rolling in quick– time for a Spring Veggie Club Schedule!

Sunday, May 4th, 2 pm
Dos Tacos has added a new vegetarian option to their menu– a scrumptious avocado-and-refried-bean burrito, which *nearly* beats out my all-time favourite, the potato burrito. Food here is fresh, plentiful, not expensive, and the soft-drink refills are free!
To get to the Hongdae location, walk out of Hongik Station (exit 6), up the hill toward Hongik University. It’s on your right, past the KB Bank, same building as Haagen Daz and the Slow-Food porridge shop.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, May 17th. Ron (the brains AND brain behind this operation) has been campaigning for a “pure” vegetarian place, so let’s go back to Yangjae SM Chinghai for the buffet dinner. For a change, let’s go in the evening, at 6 pm. Latecomers, beware, as they close at 9 pm! Afterwards we can hit Purely Decadent for soy ice cream near Yangjae station.Last time was great because it gave us a chance to switch things up, sit in smaller groups for the ice cream, and basically have the place to ourselves.

By bus: Go out exit 5 of Yangjae Station and bear right; you should come to a bus stop about 1 minute later. Take bus 4430 (Green) and get off at the second bus stop. You will see a Starbucks across the street. Cross the street and walk right, you will see the blue SM Ching Hai sign on your left.

By taxi: Take a taxi at exit 5 of Yangjae Station ask the driver to take you to Samhomulsan (삼호물산); the ride costs about 3,000 won. This will bring you to the bus stop described above, cross the street and go right.

June 1st is the first Sunday of the month. If the weather cooperates, this would be a terrific day for a potluck picnic. Let’s meet at Yongsan Park, near Ichon Station, at 2:00 pm, for a late, leisurely lunch.

At Ichon (이촌 ) station, go out Exit 2. You’ll find yourself walking toward the National Museum of Korea. Yongsan Park is right next to it.

To get to our picnic spot, approach the National Museum and walk to the right around the “reflecting pond.” Keep going toward the “Reflecting Pond Cafe” until you see a small path veering off to the right, toward a grove with two ancient Buddha statues. 



Saturday June 21st, 6 pm
For those of you craving Indian food and wanting to splash a little cash, you can look forward to an exquisite buffet conveniently located at the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon (line 6), called Ashoka. It was the first Indian restaurant in Seoul (imagine life without curry– that was Seoul before 1988.) It’s all-you-can-eat for 28,000 won (plus some service taxes.) Here’s the website if you’d like to drool over the menu or the decor. Ron is a fan of this place because it’s run by Hindus, who sympathize with our vegetarian beliefs.


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Yongsan Park is a great setting if the weather cooperates. I suggest that we have a backup plan in case it looks like rain – or even postpone it to the following Sunday if necessary.

Here’s a link to the Dave’s ESL Cafe thread:

Comment by Ron

I think the change is good. Dos Tacos in Hongdae 2pm this Sunday, May 4 (hey if you’ve seen one Lantern Festival, you’ve seen them all…)

And June 1 will hopefully be a great day for a vegetarian picnic at Yongsan Park (near the Korean National Museum – reportedly the biggest museum in Asia…)

Comment by Ron

Hello, I will be in Seoul for 4 days from may 2-6 for work, I don’t think I will be able to come on the 4th unfortunately, I will be too busy with work.

I was wondering if someone could tell me a vegetarian restaurant close to the hotel I am staying? I looked online but I have no idea where anything is! I am staying here:

my email is… thanks in advance…



Comment by dan blanchard

I’m sorry I didn’t see the above post in time to give a suggestion. Anyway, the most comprehensive list I know of vegetarian restaurants in Korea is

Hope to see lots of members and newcomers at the SM Ching hai/Purely Decadent event next Saturday, May 17 (6pm) I’ll try to be at Yangia Station (orange line 3, exit 5) by 5:30 pm to help folks find the bus connection from there (it’s a little tricky…)

Actually, Purely Decadent is located right near exit 5/exit 6 so early-comers can have coffee or something there while waiting to head over to SM Ching hai …

Comment by Ron

Well, eleven of us showed up and had a good time with good food at both SM Ching hai and Purely Decadent. The weather was pretty nice so we used their outdoor tables.

Comment by Ron

The weather forecast looks pretty good for the picnic – mostly cloudy but warm.

Some folks might be interested in attending the “Glory of Persia” exhibit at the National Museum of Korea located right next door to Yongsan Park. (The picnic is scheduled for 2pm and the Museum is open till 7pm – 10,000 won admission.)

So, take light blue line #4 to Ichon station, exit 2, and you’ll see the museum first – on your left – before you get to the park.

Then follow Amy’s directions (and you might find our picnic spot – with a little luck…)

To get to our picnic spot, approach the National Museum and walk to the right around the “reflecting pond.” Keep going toward the “Reflecting Pond Cafe” until you see a small path veering off to the right, toward a grove with two ancient Buddha statues …

Comment by Ron

Here’s a link to the Dave’s ESL Cafe thread:

Comment by Ron

Is anyone allowed to show up to these? I just found this site, but I would love to meet some more vegeheads. I’m currently the only one I know in Korea that doesn’t eat meat.

Comment by j

There’s a new-ish Indian restaurant in Itaewon with a good 15,000 won buffet. It’s called Curry Town, and I like it a lot. I’ve gone to Ashoka in the past, and the buffet food was quite poor– although they may very well have got some new cooks/staff as I haven’t been there in more than a year. Curry Town sometimes has BIG meetings of foreigners (about 30-40) who are really cool.

e-mail me at if anyone wants directions or to meet there sometime.

Comment by Benjamin

Thanks for the info about Curry Town, Benjamin.
I’ll check it out ASAP!

Comment by seoulveggieclub

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