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July 4, 2008, 3:58 pm
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Sunday, July 6th  2:00
Villa Sortino Ristorante

I walked by this place last week and was struck by their selection of vegetarian pizzas. I phoned them up this evening and they said they can accommodate our group, so let’s treat ourselves. I made the reservation under the name “Amy.”

By Subway
Come out of Exit #2 Itaewon Station, Line 6 Brown and walk 100M, past the GS gas station on the right and
before the next lights at the top of the Hannam-dong hill.

Map here:

Saturday, July 19th  6:00
Sosim Vegetarian Restaurant
Insa-Dong Gil Street (at Anguk station on Line 3 (Orange line), exit Insa-Dong)
Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Macrobiotic, Organic, Korean
Nice vegetarian restaurant in basement of building. Menu is in Korean and English, and English is spoken. Sample items include Korean pancake, bi-bim-bap (Korean traditional vegetables and rice) without egg upon request, free refills of rice and side dishes. Also offers a fixed menu meal for around 10,000 won (about US$10.50). Interior is natural wood, and guest sit at regular tables or on the floor. A popular place with monks from nearby chogye-sa (temple), though the restaurant is run by Christians. Closed Sunday. Directions: After train exit, walk straight pass Tourist Information booth on right, art store on left. Walk across Insa-Dong Street towards convenience store in front. Go right when you get to convenience store. Entrance is between GS25 convenience store and bank, and is marked by large vertical black-and-white sign with the name in two Chinese characters, the English words “Sosim” and “Vegetarian Restaurant.”

Sunday, August 3rd Jinlilu someone fluent in Korean please search for and call this place to confirm they are still in business?)

Jinlilu is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant near Hoegi Station in Seoul. They serve up all of the mainstays of Koreanized Chinese food including jjambbong, jjajangmyeon, palbochae, and so on, made with no fish or meat (they do use some egg). To replace the meat they mainly rely on mushrooms rather than processed fake meats. Prices are the same as any other jjajang joint.

The owners are adherents of the same religious group as the New Start buffet restaurant, but there is otherwise no connection between the two.

To get there, go out Hoegi Station exit 2 and turn right; walk down the alley past the bedding shop and turn left. The restaurant is across the street from the wedding hall, in a bit of an alley. It’s on the second floor above a little convenience store.
Saturday, August 16th 8:00
Shim’s Tapas
(owned by three sisters, 02-141-2386) four corners from Hongik University line, exit 5, heading away from the U, across the street from Gozo. Look for the brilliant yellow and red building on the narrow sidestreet.
This is a gorgeous little place. They have quite a few vegetarian selections, but not enough for a full meal, so grab a burrito at Dos Tacos first and then meet us to unwind with a glass of wine and some gorgeous tidbits.


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Hey, I had a coworker call JinLiLu, and they are indeed open. I’ll make reservations for us soonish.

Comment by revbribri

wow, the vegie club sounds great! and definately something you need in seoul. how do you join? who runs it?

Comment by Malia

I think the easiest way to join is to just show up. At least that’s what I did.

Comment by Rasmus

Yep, just come to an event. RSVP if you can, so we can make space for you. That’s all there is to it.

Comment by revbribri

I think a veggie club is a brilliant idea. You will see me on the 3rd Aug.

Comment by Belinda

What time are we meeting on Sunday?

Comment by Rasmus

Well, I guess I found the answer to my own question. According to it’s at 2PM.

Comment by Rasmus


We’re a couple from california that just got here 2 weeks ago. When we’re not teaching english, we’re desperately trying to get by as vegetarian/vegan in this city – it’s a bit tricky, but we managed.

Anyhow, we’d LOVE to go to the next event. Unfortunately we missed last night’s meeting, but look forward to the 16th.

In the meantime, could anyone help us out with any vege places around itaewon? I’m also trying to find this place called Hoonja Food (supposedly has veggie meats).

Alrighty, hope to see you all soon.

Comment by jyu young

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