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September 3, 2008, 3:30 pm
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This fall schedule is completely by request! Please continue to send me your ideas, preferences and desires. There are some smashing new places to try. See you there!

Sunday, September 7th, 2:00 pm
Tel: 02-3210-3397
Budget: 20,000 to 40,000 won
Popular menu: 23,000-98,000 won formal courses
To get there: follow the map attached. It’s a 20 minute walk from Anguk Station, exit 1.

Saturday, September 20th, 5:00 pm
Potluck picnic dinner at Yongsan Park!
Same beautiful site. Interesting new time!

At Ichon (이촌 ) station, go out Exit 2. For some reason, it’s not very well-marked. Just follow the signs for Exit 1, and Exit 2 is next to it. You’ll find yourself walking toward the National Museum of Korea. Yongsan Park is right next to it.

To get to our picnic spot, approach the National Museum and walk to the right around the “reflecting pond.” Keep going toward the “Reflecting Pond Cafe” until you see a small path veering off to the right, toward a grove with two ancient Buddha statues.

Please bring salad/dessert/main dish/drinks and a candle (the sun sets at 6:30!)

Sunday, October 5th, 6:30
Potluck with Cheryl’s Yoga Studio
Location and directions TBA :)

Saturday, October 18th, 2:00 pm
According to Galbijim wiki:

Shindongyang (신동양, ) is a Chinese restaurant in Yeouido which is very vegetarian-friendly; though the regular meat-and-seafood menu is larger, you may also request to see the vegetarian menu, which has about 60 dishes, soups, and appetizers and three course menus. The vegetarian dishes feature plenty of faux meat versions of Koreanized Chinese dishes like tangsuyuk and jjajangmyeon, as well as more traditional fare. Whether vegetarian or not, prices are about the same — main dishes come in two sizes, all around 10 to 15,000 won, with the cheapest just 4,500 and the most expensive going up to 50,000; appetizers are mostly around 6,000. The course menus run from 30,000 to 70,000 and feature up to ten dishes.

It’s a fairly large place, with an extra dining hall, and has been run by Chinese immigrants for three generations running. Korea, Mandarin, and English are spoken; the main menu features all three languages but the vegetarian menu has no English, though they will assist you. To get there, go out Yeouido Station exit 5; it will be on the top floor of the first building on your right.


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The map attachment that came with Amy’s email notice isn’t posted here, and it’s hard for me to explain verbally how to get there – so some of us (mainly me) might need a little more help locating Gamrodang this Sunday…

Comment by Ron

I’ll be at Anguk Station exit 1 around 1:35. If the weather is nice, some can walk there – and those who prefer can ride in cabs (the taxi driver may need to call the restaurant at 02-3210 – 3397 for directions in Korean.)

Comment by Ron

Gamrodang was a nice place. The six of us who showed up went with the 30,000 won set menu. The food was elegant, and the hostess was very helpful.

I expect that there will be a much bigger turnout for the picnic at Yongsan Park this Saturday (Sept. 20) at 5pm.

I always bring more than my share of food so feel free to come even if you can’t bring a vegetarian food or drink item. Amy also suggests bringing candles in case there’s not enough lighting there after the sun sets.

Comment by Ron

The Potluck Picnic has been canceled due to horrible weather. We may rechedule, we’ll update as soon as we can.

Comment by revbribri

hi I’m Hyuna Kwon,a beginner vegetarian since July:) I’m into various of vegetarian in Seoul and hope to be familiar with you.
I’d like to join Sunday’s potluck party or the gathering in ‘ShinDongyang.’
would it be possible? and could you tell me where the ‘Cheryl’s Yoga Studio’ is? my phone nr is 010-3004-0987 roll on the day!:)

Comment by Hyuna

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